Toronto, Ontario

Cristian Conte

Aspiring Software Engineer

A few things about me…

I am currently seeking a career in Software Development starting Summer 2018.

I am a 21-year-old Computer Engineering student graduating in June of 2018. I was born and raised in Toronto, and I am completing my degree at Ryerson University. I have a passion for superheroes, specifically Tony Stark. In my free time I enjoy reading up on current events, going to the gym, and spending time with my friends and family. I am fascinated with understanding what makes things work, and what the inventor/designer’s mindset was when designing. 

I developed an interest in computer engineering after reading the Iron Man comics, and seeing Tony Stark and his incredible genius. Once a course on Java was offered in high school, I enrolled as quickly as possible and began developing my programming skills. From here, I was hooked. The way computer hardware and software interact with each other is fascinating to me, and I am constantly trying to expand my understanding of these advanced systems. 

Throughout high school, I completed projects such as replicating the classic Pac-Man game in Java, which interfaced a classical joystick. Into University, I designed and developed and Media Center application using C and the uVision IDE. The media center was designed for a MCB1700 board, which came with a set of limitations. The application interfaced the boards using the boards LCD and onboard joystick. The media center was capable of displaying bitmapped images, playing music by utilizing an algorithm that converted data arrays to audio output for audio streaming from the PC. It also consisted of a replicated version of Guitar Hero that was played using the joystick. 

My Technical Skills and Experience

Here are a few of my skills that I have aquired and worked on over the past few years.

Development Languages


Software Experience

WordPress                              Shopify
uVision                                     MatLab
Cadence Stack                 Codeblocks ManageEngine Stack       Eclipse IDE
IntelliJ IDE                                 Github
Jenkins                                       Gradle
XILINX                                           JUnit
AWS                                          Apache
phpMyAdmin                     Wireshark
Android Studio                         cPanel
Notepad++                 Atlassian Stack

Skill Highlights

Object Oriented Design and Programming

Agile/Scrum Methodology

Performance and Scalability

Work Experience

Freelance Web Developer

Web Developer

• Designed a successful E-Commerce website using Shopify platform, HTML, CSS & JavaScript.

• Designed and launched multiple WordPress based websites using HTML and CSS and JavaScript.

• Communicated with clients regularly to discuss specifications and requirements and adjusted project plan to meet deadlines and requirements.

• Wrote CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and PHP code to bridge the gaps in
functionality between prebuilt themes and the client’s desired specifications. 

Professional Engineers of Ontario

IT Help Desk Support Intern

• Took lead on IT related projects, such as infrastructure upgrades as well as hardware upgrades and deployment. 
• Researched, tested and deployed software company wide. 
• Worked with employees directly to solve daily issues that arose (AD management, hardware failures, software bugs, general inquiries), which lead to increased productivity.


Ryerson University – Computer Engineering (B.Eng)

Computer Software and Hardware

• CPS 125 – Digital Computation and Programming 
• COE 318 – Software Systems 
• COE 328 – Digital Systems 
COE 428 – Engineering Algorithm and Data Structures
• COE 528 – Object Oriented Engineering Analysis and Design 
• COE 538 – Microprocessor Systems  
• COE 608 – Computer Organization and Architecture 
• COE 628 – Operating Systems
• COE 718 – Embedded Systems Design
• COE 758 – Digital Systems Engineering
• COE 768 – Computer Networks 
• COE 817 – Network Security


• MTH 140 – Calculus I
• MTH 141 – Linear Algebra
• MTH 240 – Calculus II
• MTH 312 – Differential Equations and Vector Calculus
• MTH 314 – Discrete Mathematics for Engineers
• MTH 514 – Probability and Stochastic Processes 


• ELE 202 – Electrical Circuit Analysis 
• ELE 302 – Electric Networks
• ELE 401– Field Theory
• ELE 404 – Electronic Circuits I 
• ELE 504 – Electronic Circuits II
• ELE 532 – Signals and Systems I 
• ELE 635 – Communication Systems
• ELE 629 – Control Systems
• ELE 734 – Low Power Digital Integrated Circuits 
• ELE 888 – Intelligent Systems


• PCS 125 – Physics: Waves and Fields
• PCS 211 – Physics: Mechanics
• PCS 224 – Solid State Physics

Past Projects

Listed below are some of my recent projects that I enjoyed working on, if you would like to know more about my previous experiences, feel free to email me with questions!

Multimedia Center

• Designed a media center program in C using uVision and a MCB1700 development board.

• Code was designed using various design patterns. Required the design to be memory efficient due to the limitations of the MCB1700 board.

• Consisted of a GUI interface displayed on the MCB1700s LCD, that was navigable using the onboard joystick.

• Program included a photo gallery that displayed bitmapped images, an mp3 player algorithm that converted data arrays to audio output in order to stream audio from the PC. Also included a simplified version of Guitar Hero that was played using the joystick.

Client & Server FTP Application

• Implemented a file transfer application based on TCP. Server is a concurrent server that can handle multiple file transfer sessions. Client can upload to and download files from the server.

• Operations specified, and data transferred using Protocol Data Units.

• Functionality of application includes downloading, uploading, error reporting & file listing.

• Application was designed using C, and implemented socket connections and various PDU’s.

• Utilized various object oriented design methods.